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Plug & Play

Take all of the programming and testing requirements out of your busy schedule and let us do it for you.  Plug in your speakers, power, and ethernet, and you’re done!  Stream all of your music to any set of speakers right out of the box.


Welcome Video

Reading an instruction manual is never enjoyable.  With Plug & Play, you will receive a unique video that explains features and instructions for your new system.

customized labeling

Plug & Play service will customize each VSSL system with custom room labeling on the amplifier and programmed digitally. This removes the guesswork as to what wire goes where.

setup accounts

All VSSL systems need to have unique streaming accounts initially set-up.  Our service will create an entertainment setup customized to your yacht.  If you purchased an NAS media server, we’ll program that too at no additional charge.

Media Server

Out on the high seas high speed internet is not always a viable option.  And when it is available it’s extremely expensive to stream music and high definition video.   A customized Network Attached Storage (NAS) hard drive will store thousands of CDs and DVDs in one compact enclosure without the need for an internet connection.  Our NAS drives eliminate the need for a computer in the mix with their built in media servers. 

We can even backup all of your existing CDs and DVDs to the drive with our Media Backup service.  If you have our Plug & Play service, we will configure your Media Server with your system before it ships at no additional charge.

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